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Stuart Kaplan

Stuart R. Kaplan started to import 1968 the Rider-Waite-Tarot to the US. He became cards collector with an own museum, Tarot book author and president of US Games. His "Tarot Encyclopedia I+II+III" became the most influential books for Tarot history research, as it manifested not only a general platform, known by many persons with Tarot history interests, which served as base for more detailed discussion, but also the interest in the theme, which was before Kaplan's text only focused by very few persons.
In our articles Stuart Kaplan is variously mentioned and cited. Generally the work of Michael Dummett, "Game of Tarot", appearing short after Encyclopedia I (1978), is considered by researchers as the more precise book, but it didn't reach the extended distribution of the Encyclopedia, staying a desired treasure in the hands of only few.
The 5x14-theory, which is our major theme at, was born only at the base of Encyclopedia I. Thanks for a good work.

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