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Arthur Edward Waite (1857 - 1942)

Arthur Edward Waite signed as author of many books in esoteric topics and became one of the leading figures in the Golden Dawn. He cooperated with Pamela Colman Smith ca. 1908 in the production of the Rider Waite deck, which much later (see Kaplan's interview) developed to the most successful Tarot deck of 20th century.

In the bibliography to "The Pictorial Key to the Tarot", item XIV commenting on an issue of the periodical "The Platonist", Waite commented:

"Meanwhile, America is still awaiting the fulfilment of the concluding forecast, that some few will ere long have so far developed in that country "as to be able to read perfectly... in that perfect and divine sybilline work, the Taro. ... Perhaps the cards which accompany the present volume will give the opportunity and the impulse!" Which finally turned out as a rather good prophecy.

Perhaps it should be noted, that Gerschom Scholem, famous for his critical approach and great knowledge in all matters of kabbala, took a very humilating position against many productions of "Western Kabbala" but respected AE Waite as rather good informed in this topic.

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