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Alain Bougearel

Alain Jacques Bougearel (09/08/1951) is Tarot book author and cartomancer of some importance in France (Voyance et arts divinatoires), member of the "Societe des Gens de Lettres de France". The Editions Envolée of Toulouse (France) has published in 1997 two of his essays : "Origines et histoire du Tarot : elements de tarologie" and "Manuel de cartomancie". The Editions Alsyd edited on CDRom "L'Art du Tarot" (2003) while the Editions Mindscape in 2004 offered on DVDRom PC "Tarots de Marseille". Some of his essays are published on the French web by the "Journal de demain". Beside of that he runs a well established Tarot-site, on which he shows a special favour and an own theory about a neo-pythagorean structure of the 78 cards of the traditional Tarot, which is presented at his website. His different essays and interventions could be resumed to two points :
  • The Apocalyptic Christian iconography of the trumps sequence in particular linked to the heterodox tradition such as neo-catharism and spiritual Franciscans
  • The neo-pythagorean matrix of the 78 cards : 22 + 40 +16
He is one of the oldest members of LTarot and a close contributor of, more often occupied with the practical, the "finally not mentioned help", for instance for the Tarot News. In the moment he collaborates with John McLeod at the translation in English of the most ancient French Rules of Tarot as a game (1637).

Alain: "If I have had to introduce myself, I'd say that I usually play the role of a "candide" in discussions. In some manner, I'm a "mad" tarologist with personnal convictions and metaphysical a-priori : the most despitful "esoteric" stuff for scientists. But, at the same time, I respect historical data and am curious of different researches or approaches : so typical "occultists" hate my "historical" manner. Well, that's how I usually deal with "patent" historians or "illuminate" tarologists.
Theory is important for me but also divination : that's why I'm not only a "writer" but also an intuitif cartomancer or "psychic".

Last not least (autorbis noted it once), Alain can be a great friend, when having trouble in email-lists with moderators :-)

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Alain Bougearel

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